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E-bikes - loans to key workers (and others)

Wheels for All - Oxford has access to several e-bikes that are on loan to us from Oxford Brookes University.  One is usually available at our Friday sessions for use by participants, carers (or anyone else) for riding around the athletics track

We are also able to lend out e-bike to others wishing to try one out for cycling in and around Oxford.  We have leant them to several County and City Councillors so they can gain first hand experience of the benefits of riding an ebike, eg for commuting (as well as the good and bad points of cycling in Oxford).  We have lent them to a variety of other people, eg those recovering from an injury or operation, older riders who want to see how an ebike can help them cycle further or more often, those who want to cycle but feel that a conventional bike would be a challenge, perhaps because of distance or hills on their route, and to those who want to get some exercise but want re-assurance that they have assistance to help if needed until their fitness improves.

If you would like to borrow one of our e-bikes, please contact us at steve@wfaoxford.org (the contact form on this page is not currently operating).

The ebikes we have are all 'step-through' Raleigh Motus models.  They are now several years old but are still in very good condition as most have only done a few hundred miles.  They have a Bosch motor in the bottom bracket (which assists only when you pedal).  The Bosch motor is very good, provides a very natural 'feel' and is widely used in many good quality ebikes (and I am told that the latest versions are even better!)

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