Wheels for All sessions are continuing to run every Friday.  We operate with pre-booked slots at 10am, 11am, and 12 midday.  Please book a slot by emailing jennifer@wfaoxford.org (by midday on the Thursday before at the latest).  Payment (£3 per hour slot for participants) should be made online before the session and a consent form completed (unless already provided). 

During the Cyclox Celebation of Cycling we are also running an 'open' slot (free of charge) at 1pm on 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Sept & 1 Oct) for anyone who wishes to try out one or more of our cycles.  The  open slots must also be booked in advance (and will only run if there is sufficient demand).  We look forward to seeing you and helping you enjoy some cycling!

  Wheels for All - Oxford provide cycling services for a wide range of people (16+) - we aim to make it inclusive so it really is for 'all'.  Our Friday    morning sessions are attended by a wide range of people:

  • Some of our participants come with a carer or other supporter
  • Others are independent and come to the session on their own or with a friend
  • Some are recovering from an accident or learning how to cycle with an impairment and want to try out a variety of cycles
  • Others come because they haven't cycled for a long time and want to practice to build their confidence
  • Some of our older participants come to enjoy cycling with a friend or partner, especially if one of them is less able
  • Some come to enjoy cycling outdoors in a traffic free environment
  • Some come to learn basic cycling skills and practice in a safe supportive environment
  • Some come to try out a variety of cycles, including our ebikes, to see what best suits their needs
  • All of our participants come for the fun, fresh air and exercise

Have a look at the photos of people enjoying our Friday morning sessions.


Wheels for  all - Oxford also have access to several e-bikes which we are able to lend to people, typically for a week or two.  These are suitable for adults who have at least basic cycling skills who would like to try out an ebike.  An e-bike enables you to cycle up hills more easily, to use your bike for longer journeys, to cycle in your everyday clothes and to get exercise on your journey.  If you would like to try one out, especially for travelling in or out of Oxford or for other regular journeys, please email steve@wfaoxford.org.   We have a simple loan agreement which we can email to you and in most cases the loan is free of charge thanks to support we have recived from the Active Travel Fund.

"Jamie enjoys the sense of independence cycling gives him, its something he can do on his own and at his own pace. He loves the fact that he is doing exercise which he knows is good for him and he enjoys seeing familiar friendly faces too.  He really looks forward to his visits on Fridays."

"I love to come here as I like to cycle very much.  I am also very fond of a lot of people here and the music adds to an exciting atmosphere" Ben

"I really look forward to my Friday morning WFA sessions. All the volunteers are very helpful and friendly. I find open-air exercising not only physically but also mentally and emotionally very stimulating. When growing up I never learnt to ride a bike and now, as a blind person, cycling gives me a sense of freedom." Savita

We provide inclusive cycling facilities for all in a safe supportive environment, come and join the fun!

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Katie at awards
Rory with certificate
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Wheels for All - Oxford provides facilities for people with a wide variety of needs aged 16+ to enjoy cycling every Friday morning  on the Athletics Track, Horspath Road, Oxford.

It is part of a national all-inclusive cycle initiative developed by Cycling Projects with the aim of making cycling accessible to all with a particular focus on offering fun. There is a wide range of bikes available during the session including a wheelchair transporter, several tricycles, a quad, side by sides, a tandem, hand cycles, e-bike and several 2 wheel bikes.

The service users generally come with a carer or support from their school or club and the session offers an opportunity to socialise for everyone attending but independent users are also very welcome.

The activity is being both physically and cognitively stimulating; for some service users this is the only opportunity for physical activity open to them.

Come and join the fun!  We try to run sessions whatever the weather but if it is really bad we occassionaly have to cancel (announced by email, facebook, Twitter etc on the morning)

If you have any question or require further information please contact us.

Visit our Facebook Group

and join us on Twitter. Also video on Youtube from a few years ago.

Donations also welcome!


EVERY Friday

10 am to 1pm, £3/hour for the participant, free for carers

Please note that slots must be booked in advance by midday Thursday at the latest.


Athletics track
Horspath Road

(see map below)

Unfortunately,the Pick Me Up bus service that used to drop people at the Athletics Ground is no longer operating.